Bee Health

Varroa mite blood-sucking parasite at honey bee

Varroa mite

Keeping bees is like keeping other animals. You are responsible for their well-being and must be aware of how to keep them healthy. The health and well-being is of up most importance to the present colony and future colonies.

Some brood diseases are notifiable.As a result, if you suspect something is wrong seek advice from a more experienced beekeeper in the first instance. Likewise you can contact your local bee inspector who will provide any assistance you need. There are advisory leaflets available for all honey bee diseases available on Beebase.

rope test

AFB rope test

BeeBase is an invaluable resource for beekeepers that is run by the National Bee Unit. Not only is BeeBase part of the network of information available to help and guide beekeepers. But, it is also there to help you take the necessary action to protect your colonies from any known disease outbreaks in your area. As a result, once you register, the NBU can alert you to any disease outbreaks. They can arrange to inspect your colonies if necessary.

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