Club Apiaries


Club Apiary


The club apiary is situated within the walled garden of The Off-shoots Permaculture Project which is situated in Towneley Park, Burnley. We also have a club ‘out apiary’ at Gawthorpe Hall in the walled garden.

If you are new to the club or need a refresher on parking arrangements and pedestrian access routes for our apiaries please email the Club Secretary for information

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    Thanks to the agreement we have with The Offshoots Permaculture Project, we have indoor facilities to store our equipment and as a result can carry out indoor work such as frame and hive building in the wet weather. In addition to this we also have access to the conference room to use for training and meetings.

    The apiary is predominantly a teaching apiary, so it is a chance for our new members to come down and get some experience and gain some confidence and for our more experienced members to come down and pass on some tips.

    There is always something different going on with each colony and as a result the sessions give our members a chance to get some “hands on” with the practical side of beekeeping. We talk through and demonstrate how we can deal with different situations that crop up and therefore we always have jobs that need doing to keep the apiary running.

    Please bring a CLEAN full beesuit and CLEAN wellies. We don’t allow leather gauntlet type gloves due to risk of infection passing between hives.

    Please check club emails for the details and timings of the sessions – first session expected to be 21st April. Timings and location on for Sunday / Monday to be confirmed.                      




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