Varroa mite

Unfortunately, managing Varroa is part and parcel of a beekeepers life. Consequently it is  important that we continue to practice our integrated pest management (IPM) during the year.

Good husbandry should be the starting point for IPM control of Varroa. Keep a close eye on
the health of your bees and, in particular, make sure you can recognise the signs of Varroa
infestation. Maintain apiaries to minimise the effects of robbing and drifting. Aim to keep
strong vigorous colonies and try to select strains that seem to show some Varroa tolerance.

Unfortunately, there is no single IPM Varroa programme suitable for all circumstances. This
is because there are enormous variations in infestation level, mite invasion, climate and
beekeeping practices

IPM methods include the following:

Table above, taken from the APHA Managing Varroa advice document below


varroa count


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