Equipment Suppliers

The list below is not exhaustive, but please find the  equipment suppliers that we have found to be useful and good quality:

Beekeeping Equipment Suppliers:

Judith David, our local E H Thorne Agent:  Judith keeps some basic equipment in stock and can order anything else more complicated. As a result, ordering from Judith can mean a saving in delivery costs.
Tel  01282 693330
Mobile 07785 241075

Thornes Beekeeping Supplies  – the UK’s largest beekeeping equipment supplier

Caddon Hives – Great quality hives at very competitive prices.

Claro Bees  – Local shop behind RHS Harlow Carr, run by Harrogate and Ripon BKA,

Abelo Beekeeping – A wide range of affordable products suitable for the hobbyist or commercial beekeeper.

Modern Beekeeping – Supplier of high quality equipment, poly hives.

Northern Bee Books – Pretty much any book you want on Bees is here!

Paynes bee farm – Large supplier of hives and beekeeping equipment.

Maisemore Apiaries – Large supplier of hives and beekeeping equipment

Beckys Bees –  Bees & Beekeeping Equipment

C.Wynne Jones – Long standing supplier of Beekeeping equipment



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