Beekeeping Membership for 2022 will cost £33.

This cost also includes one year’s Beekeeping membership of the British Beekeepers Association. Members receive public and product liability insurance and bee disease insurance (BDI) for up to three hives. You will also receive the monthly magazine of the British Beekeepers’ Association. Invitations to the shows and conventions of other beekeeping clubs in the region will also be sent to you.

Club Queen rearing

There are further benefits of being a member. There is access to the association library, loan of the club’s honey and wax extractors. As a result of joining you will receive the support and knowledge of all members in the club.

The club welcomes new members and also runs training courses for beginners and improving beekeepers.


To join the association or if you have further enquiries, then please contact the association by the contact form below.

Please follow the link to see the the different types of BBKA membership offered.

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