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So, what’s the “Buzz” in the club this month…?

With the big day getting closer, Emma, our Show Secretary shares her enthusiam for showing honey…

Hopefully, in spite of the rather inclement summer, you have been or will be able to take a honey harvest. At the start of October we will have our annual branch honey show, followed a week later by the county honey show. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a complete novice, the honey shows are a great opportunity to show off your hive products and chat about all things beekeeping.

Our show has categories for honey, wax and wax crafts, confectionery, baking and photography. This year, we are also introducing junior classes for under 18s. It’s free to enter and there are cash prizes for all classes, and trophies to compete for. Last year’s show was so successful, our judge was even able to present a National Honey Show blue ribbon!

If you have never showed hive products before, there is lots of advice online or why not ask another club member? We may not give away all of our trade secrets, but we’d be more than happy to get you started. Some top tips:

  • Extracted honey should be clear of foreign objects, just as you would expect if you were to buy a jar.
  • Jars should be sparklingly clean.
  • Lids should be new and free of dents, scratches and rust.
  • Don’t be tempted to swap your lids at the bench, you’ll lose the aroma. Judges allow for “travel staining”.
  • If the class requires two jars, make sure they’re a matching pair.
  • No short measures!
  • Follow the schedule, pay attention to measurements and how many items you should bench.
  • Set recipes are just that, but you can use your skill to get the cooking time right.
  • Most importantly – have a go and have fun!

This year we will be having some fun activities and a talk while the judging is in progress, and of course, there will be pie and peas for lunch. There will also be a raffle of beekeeping equipment.

We have pound jars and lids at Offshoots that you can buy for 50p each. A great way to get jars for your show entries. Don’t attach any labels!

We also have display cases you can borrow if you have a frame of honey you would like to enter.

Paper plates and cake domes are provided at the show on the day to display your baked items.

I hope I have inspired you to join us for this year’s show, whether you’re competing or not, it’s always a great afternoon. Hopefully see you at the bench!

By Emma Woodhouse

Read all about the show arrangements on our special page here


Please keep an eye on the meetings page of the website. We are holding a mixture of physical meetings and meetings over Zoom. We would love for you to come and join us in either format but if you can’t then please remember, if you need anything then please contact us and we will do our best to help.

That’s the Buzz for now . . .

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