Monthly Meetings

Our monthly meetings include beekeeping talks and demonstrations. We will also hold a question and answer forum during which members can pick each others brains for that useful tip.

We enjoy meeting new people and as a result non-members are welcome to come along to meetings to find out more and decide if you’d like to join our club.

For our monthly meetings this season we aim to run a combination of meetings in person and via Zoom.

2022 Meetings

Below is a tentative list of meetings for this coming season. We hope to confirm dates and venues once details have finalised.

Sunday 6th February @11am ‘Club Apiary Preparation’
Venue: Off-Shoots Permaculture Project, Towneley Park, Burnley

It has been a while since we were able to get together!

Unless Government guidelines change, our first meeting will be down at the club apiary . As well as working on the apiary itself we need to get the equipment ready for the new season, so there will be lots of jobs that will need doing.

It is your apiary so it would be great to see as many of you down there lending a hand on preparation for the new season. If you’re new to the club this is a good chance to come and meet some members and chat all thing bees. Wear warm clothes, bring a flask and we might have a mini bake off competition if there are enough keen bakers amongst you 😊

Tuesday 8th February @8pm via Zoom ‘Medicinal Apitherapy: A journey into the healing hive’

Dr Gerry Brierley, an ‘Accidental Apitherapist’ and beekeeper, opens up the natural pharmacy at the bottom of your garden to discuss the diversity of premium hive produce for general health and healing. Gerry will share the secret medicinal properties of honey, drone larva, pollen, bee bread, royal Jelly and propolis and the honey bee life cycle, including an insight to Vet-Apitherapy.

Sunday 27th March @2pm ‘Bee Health and Diseases’
Venue: Vanguard Community Centre, Bevington Close, Burnley, BB11 4SD

Bee Inspector, Caroline Coughlin will be coming down to talk the members about Bee health and diseases. After all the time in lockdown and without club apiary sessions, this is the ideal chance for members, new and experienced, to learn more and refresh what we should be looking for to keep healthy bees.

Sunday April 3rd @10am ‘Association Queen Rearing Theory Workshop’ Part 1
Venue: Off-Shoots Permaculture Project, Towneley Park, Burnley
Time: 10-2pm

After the success of the queen rearing workshop last year, we are running another programme to encourage our members to raise their own queens.

The club is in the great position of having Master Beekeeper, Dave Rayner, in their ranks. Dave Rayner will be leading the workshop on queen rearing and it will be broken down into two parts.

This first part is a theoretical talk and presentation and discussion of different methods.

Sunday April 24th @2pm ‘Well ’tis the season and all that’
Venue: Grindleton Pavilion, Sawley Road, Grindleton, Clitheroe, BB7 4QS (Sat Nav: BB7 4RP).

In preparation for the swarm season, Janet Murray will be giving us a talk about swarm prevention and control.

Sunday 8th May @10am  ‘Association Queen Rearing Practical Workshop’ Part 2
Venue: Off-Shoots Permaculture Project, Towneley Park, Burnley
Time: 10-2pm

This is the second part of our queen rearing workshop and is the practical session, where hopefully you can put into practice what was discussed in the theoretical session.

Encouraging queen rearing amongst club members is something the club feels strongly about and aims to continue supporting. Hopefully, we can get more members raising their own queens.

Sunday 22nd May ‘Club Apiary Re-Opening’

On Sunday 22nd May, the club will have a Grand reopening of the club apiary at offshoots, following the work that has been done over the year to improve the apiary and storage.

This is timed to be close to World Bee Day which is on preceding Friday 20th.

The intention is to have Family/general public/members families focussed events in the morning from 09:30

We shall have an official cutting of the ribbon around 13.00 and a hive opening demonstration.

From around 13.30 after which we hope to hold several activities for the benefit of members

Sunday 26th June @2pm ‘Products of the hive’
Venue: Gannow Community Centre, Adamson Street, Burnley, BB12 6RB

Master Beekeeper, Viki Cuthbertson, from Preston BKA has been keeping bees for almost 20 years,  and during this time has learnt may ways to use the products of her bees.

In this talk she will show us the why as well as the how of using wax, honey and propolis to make candles and cosmetics. She will also bring a display of products, which the audience can purchase.

Sunday 10th July @2pm ‘In it to win it…’
Venue: Trawden Community Centre, Church Street, Trawden, BB8 8RU

Our association honey show will soon be upon us. We hope to pass on some hints and tips about preparing for honey show. There are lots of different classes to enter so we hope this meeting will encourage you to give it a go.

August – Summer break

Tuesday 20th September @ 8pm via Zoom ‘Preparation for Winter’

A Zoom presentation about how we should be getting our bees ready for winter. Followed by a Q&A session.

Sunday 2nd October ‘Association Honey Show’
Venue: To be confirmed
Time: 1pm – 5pm

Sunday 20th November @2pm ‘Association AGM’

This is your chance as members, to say what you would like from the club so it would be great to see you at the meeting.

Monday 5th December @8pm via Zoom ‘Preparing for the season ahead’

A winter warmer for you all.  A Zoom talk by Professor David Evans.

We know what’s coming in the season ahead, but we’re not quite sure when it will happen. The goal of this talk is to make beekeepers a little more proactive and a bit less reactive. The bees will do whatever they want (as usual!) but with a little preparation the relatively short season can feel a bit less frantic. I cover record keeping, equipment needs, feeding, varroa management and queen rearing. Inevitably, because of the breadth of topics covered, each gets less attention than it would in a dedicated talk. However, focusing on some of these subjects before the season starts should allow beekeepers to think, plan and prepare for events when they (inevitably) happen.”

David Evans is Professor of Virology in the School of Biology, University of St. Andrews. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed publications and supervised more than 20 PhD. students.

David is an enthusiastic beekeeper – an activity that pre-dates his research on honey bee viruses by several years – and a member of Fife Beekeepers, the East of Scotland BKA and Lochaber BKA.

His interest in DIY for beekeeping resulted in a regular column in the Warwick and Leamington Beekeepers newsletter Bee Talk which, over time, evolved into his personal beekeeping website The Apiarist which I can thoroughly recommend.

********************************************************************************Meetings for 2022 are being planned and will be published as soon as possible.