Monthly Meetings

Our monthly meetings  include beekeeping talks, demonstrations and a question and answer forum where members can pick each others brains for that useful tip.

We enjoy meeting new people interested in our beekeeping and non-members are welcome to come along to meetings to find out more, have a chat and decide if you’d like to join our club.

All meetings will start at 2pm, unless otherwise stated, and there will be a committee member present from 1:30pm if you would like to speak to them.

Meetings for 2019

Sunday 20th January “Vaping and Nuc’s”
Venue: Acres Block, Hanson Cement, West Bradford Road, Clitheroe, BB7 4QF

In a change to the original talk, Karl will be showing us the latest contraption for vaping oxalic acid. He will also show us how to make an 8 frame Nucleus and how to convert that in to 2/3 frames nuc’s for splitting colonies

Sunday @2pm 17th February “Tips and tricks of the trade…”
Venue: Off-Shoots Permaculture Project, Towneley Park, Burnley, BB11 3RQ

Aimed at our beginners. From lighting a smoker to building a frame, Janet and Karl will be on hand to give any useful tips and tricks  that will help you and answer any questions you might have. Even if you are struggling building a hive part…bring it along and we will get it made.

Sunday @2pm 17th March “Maximising Honey Production”
Venue: Acres Block, Hanson Cement, West Bradford Road, Clitheroe, BB7 4QF

Dave Heaton will share how he manages his hives to produce enough honey to supply 2 retail outlets with honey, as well as family and friends, never has he been so popular 🙂

He will cover the practical aspects of applied beekeeping and cover a number of aspects that you might not know about
– What limits the amount of nectar processed in the hive?
– When do you take the last super off?
– Is there an alternative to trying to annihilate every wasp within 5 miles of the apiary?
– How do you actually go about selling honey?
– What legislation do you need to be aware of?
Following the presentation there will be a chance to “ask a beekeeper” panel, if there is sufficient time.


Sunday @2pm 7th April “Dummies Guide to Swarm Control”
Venue:  Off-Shoots Permaculture Project, Towneley Park, Burnley, BB11 3RQ

Janet will be passing on her invaluable experience and showing us different methods on how to hopefully prevent our ladies absconding!

Saturday 18th May ” World Bee Day”
Venue: Off-Shoots Permaculture Project, Towneley Park, Burnley, BB11 3RQ
Time: 11am-3pm

It’ s all about the bees as we and Off-shoots celebrate “World Bee Day”. We will be inviting the public in, to find out all about bees and beekeeping.

Sunday @2pm 23rd June “Catching the one that got away…”
Venue:  Off-Shoots Permaculture Project, Towneley Park, Burnley, BB11 3RQ

Karl Francis will be passing on his experiences on catching swarms, the tricks and gadgets he uses and how to set-up and use bait hives.

Sunday 21st July – CANCELLED

August 18th “Association Annual Dinner”
Time : 2pm
Venue: Agra Indian Restaurant, Accrington Road, Hapton, Nr Burnley, BB11 5QJ

A chance for our members to meet on a more social occasion over a meal and a chat about…you guessed it…Bees!

Sunday @2pm 8th September “Preparation for Show”
Venue: Off-Shoots Permaculture Project, Towneley Park, Burnley, BB11 3RQ

Past winners from the club will passing on their tips on how to get your entry to the top at the Honey show.

Sunday 6th October “Association Honey Show”
Venue: North Valley Community Centre, Birtwistle Ave, Colne, BB8 9RR

This year the judging will be carried out in front of the membership so it will be a great opportunity to see exactly what the judges are looking for and to pick up some tips on improving your showing of honey and hive products.

Sunday @2pm 10th November “Association AGM”
Venue: TBC