Association Honey Show 2021

Lancashire and North West Beekeepers Association

East Lancashire Branch
Annual Honey Show 2021

Sunday 26th September

Vanguard Community Centre
Bevington Close
BB11 4SD

Entries to be submitted from 1.00pm until 1.45pm on the day of the show.
Judging method this year will be open starting from 2pm with Judge Mr. John Goodwin
Pie & Peas served after judging/presentations (approx, 3.45pm)

Beekeeping supplies of equipment & accessories
available on the day from local Thorne representative Judith David

Guests are welcome, but only branch members may exhibit in the show

East Lancs Honey Show 2021


Class 1        Two 454g (1lb) Jar of Light Honey
Class 2        Two 454g (1lb) Jar of Medium Honey
Class 3        Two 454g (1lb) Jar of Dark Honey (not Bell Heather)
Class 4        Two 454g (1lb) Jar of Ling Heather Honey
Class 5        Two 454g (1lb) Jar of Blended Heather Honey
Class 6        Two 454g (1lb) Jar of Naturally Crystallised Honey
Class 7        One 454g (1lb) Jar of Soft Set Honey (details overleaf – note c.)
Class 8        One 454g (1lb) Jar of Honey gathered in 2021
Class 9        NOVICE CLASS – One 454g (1lb) Jar of Honey, any variety. Open to members who  have kept bees for 3 years or less and have not previously won a prize for honey.
Class 10      One “Blacked-out Jar” any size/shape/weight or Honey type judged on taste only, by the attendees of the show

Ready to be Judged

Extracted honey must be exhibited in clear 454g(1lb) squat glass jars with gold-lacquered metal or gold-coloured screw or twist off lids with flowed-in plastic seals.

Where a class requires more than one item of the same type, the jars, lids and their contents must be matching in all respects. Mould marks are not relevant.


Class 11      One Frame of Honey suitable for extracting or pressing (deep or shallow)
Class 12      One Cake of Beeswax 200g – 260g
Class 13      One Decorative Beeswax Candle – any size, shape or colour (may be lit)
Class 14      One Wax Craft Exhibit
Class 15      One Bottle of Mead – sweet or dry
Class 16      One Honey Fruit Cake – recipe overleaf (will have piece removed for tasting)
Class 17      Honey Fudge – recipe overleaf (will have piece removed for tasting)
Class 18      One Honey Dessert – any dessert containing honey (will have piece removed for tasting)
Class 19      One Photographic Print on any aspect of beekeeping

Wax Butterfly winner


The Ken Preedy Memorial Cup For the best exhibit in the show
The Challenge Cup For the highest number of points in the show
The Ken Gaiger Memorial Trophy For the most improved beekeeper
The Ken Gaiger Education Shield For the best results in the Basic Beekeeping Examination


“BBKA Show Rules (2016) apply unless amended by the following:”

a. There will be a prize to the value of £5.00 for the winner of each class.
Vouchers for classes 1 to 12, cash for classes 13 to 19.

b. Any member may submit more than one honey entry in any one class provided that they are not from the same batch.

c. Class 10 – Blacked out jar. This class will be judged by the attendees at the show.

d. Class 6 – Soft Set (Creamed Honey). Crystallised Honey which has been softened, stirred & allowed to reset. It should be completely crystallised, with a smooth texture, easily spreadable & with a good uniform colour. There should be no specks, air spaces or bubbles on the side or bottom of the jar. The surface must be firm & dry with no sign of fermentation or scum.

e. Exhibitors are reminded that the judge will automatically disqualify any entries that are outside the prescribed weights, dimensions or recipes.


Not just honey

Honey Fruit Cake

170gms (6ozs) British Honey
113gms (4ozs) Butter
170gms (6ozs) Self Raising Flour
113gms (4ozs) Sultanas
57gms (2ozs) Chopped Cherries
2 eggs
1 teaspoon Orange Rind

Cream the butter and honey, beat in the eggs. Fold in the sieved flour, rind and fruit.
Add milk if necessary to give a dropping consistency.
Put the mixture into a 165 – 190mm diameter tin, lined with greased paper and bake in a moderate oven for 1.25 to 1.5 hours (approximate timings – please adjust according to your oven).

N.B. Weights must be adhered to but normal shrinkage will be allowed.

Honey Fudge 

908gms (2lbs) Sugar
113gms (4ozs) Butter
1 small Tin of Condensed Milk
1 small Tin of Evaporated Milk
113gms (4ozs) British Honey

Using a thick pan to avoid sticking, slowly melt all the ingredients until the sugar is dissolved stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. Boil to a temperature of 118 oC (Soft Ball). Remove from the heat. Beat well until the mixture cools but is not too stiff. Pour into a greased tin and mark into portions. This recipe will fill a small Swiss roll tin.

N.B. Only a 15cm square block should be exhibited.